July 2017

UniDoodle classroom response app Wed 19 Jul, 1:00 pm Presented by Michael Jennings 7-213
UQ Physics Colloquium - Fundamental Tests with Antihydrogen Atoms Fri 21 Jul, 12:00 pm Presented by Professor Joel Fajans, UC Berkeley Room 222, Parnell Building (07), St Lucia Campus
A rate balance principle and its application to queueing models Mon 24 Jul, 2:00 pm Presented by Moshe Haviv (Hebrew University of Jerusalem) 05-213
SMOR Seminar: Regulating arrivals to a queue Tue 25 Jul, 11:00 am Presented by Prof. Moshe Haviv (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem) 67-442 (Priestly Building)
A New Proof of the Levelt-Turrittin Decomposition Tue 25 Jul, 2:00 pm Presented by Sam Weatherhog, UQ 67-442
UQ Physics Colloquium - Dark Matter, First Light Wed 26 Jul, 1:00 pm Presented by Dr Katie Mack, University of Melbourne Room 142, Priestley Building (67), St Lucia Campus
Gradients in Neural Networks Mon 31 Jul, 2:00 pm Presented by David Balduzzi (Victoria University Wellington) 05-213
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