March 2017

UQ Physics Colloquium - Tensor Networks Fri 3 Mar, 12:00 pm Presented by Dr Ian McCulloch, UQ Room 216, Prentice Building (42), St Lucia Campus
Elementary approach to Lusztig's canonical basis Mon 6 Mar, 2:00 pm Presented by Peter Tingley (Loyola) 45-204
Bethe vectors, scalar products and form factors for integrable models Mon 13 Mar, 2:00 pm Presented by Eric Ragoucy (LAPTH) 45-204
SMOR seminar: Homogenization of deterministic multiscale systems Wed 22 Mar, 3:00 pm Presented by Ian Melbourne (Warwick) 67-142 (Priestley Bldg)
Numerical computation of the distribution of the sum of correlated log-normal variables Mon 27 Mar, 2:00 pm Presented by Zdravko Botev (UNSW) 45-204
SMOR Seminar: Mean variance portfolio optimisation for long term investors Tue 28 Mar, 11:00 am Presented by Dr. Duy-Minh Dang (SMP, UQ) 67-442 (Priestly Building)
Active learning in a large first-year discrete mathematics course Wed 29 Mar, 1:00 pm Presented by Barbara Maenhaut 7-213
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