Presented by: 
Associate Professor Blake McKimmie
Wed 11 Oct, 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

It is frequently claimed that the lecture is dead and that flipped, blended, or hybrid models of teaching are the new way forward. The format of the class per se is not what necessarily drives improvements in student learning and engagement however. How the class implements activities and assessment known to improve study behaviour and learning is what is important. We present data from two classes, taught in both flipped and traditional format, that included assessment tasks designed to promote spaced learning (learning spread out over time), repeated testing before and after content, and peer learning. Students showed increased engagement with the class, and improved learning both on individual assessment items and in terms of myths associated with the content areas they were learning about. While these methods of assessing students are easy to integrate in a flipped classroom due to the flexibility afforded by online lectures, they can also be used with traditional lecture format classes.