The Faculty of Science at the University of Queensland provides guidance on course selection via the Study Planners website. Follow this link for general information on selecting courses for all years of the BSc as well as information on dual degrees. Some further specific information relevant to Mathematics, Physics and Statistics is given below.

First Year Bachelor of Science Students

Students taking a Bachelor of Science are required to complete at least one major as part of their degree. A major consists of a set number of second and third year courses in the selected discipline which must be completed as part of the degree. To be eligible to enrol in these courses, students must first complete pre-requisite first year courses.

See the websites for advice on first year courses for:




Note that students who have not completed Queensland Senior Maths C (or equivalent) should take MATH1050 in Semester 1, deferring MATH1051 (and MATH1052) to semester 2.

Students may also complete an Extended Major in Mathematics or Physics – an extended major is similar to a major but involves taking a larger number of courses in the discipline within the three year BSc degree. Alternatively, students may take a Dual Major (e.g. Bioinformatics or Biophysics) spanning several disciplines. Follow the Study Planners link above to learn more about these options.

Second and Third Year Students Bachelor of Science Students

Students are advised to carefully select their second and third year courses to ensure that they meet the requirements for completing the BSc.

The Study Planners website provides detailed plans for:




An overview of the structure of the Physics Major is available for downloading below.

Dual Degree Students

Students undertaking a dual degree which includes the BSc (e.g. BE/BSc) are strongly advised to discuss their course selection with an academic advisor when starting their degree.

Study Planners for dual degrees are available via the First Year Science Study Planners website.

For dual degrees that provide for #32 in the Science component, students should generally be able to follow the course selection given in the BSc program planner although there will be limitations on the electives that may be taken.

For the dual BE/BSc program, there is an allocation of #18 for the BSc component. For a physics major, students must take #12 of third (or fourth) year science courses and #6 of compulsory second year physics courses. Hence all science courses taken at first year level must be taken as electives in the engineering component of the dual degree. Please discuss such courses with advisors in Science and Engineering before enrolling. 

Note also the following for BE/BSc degrees:

  • BE/BSc students are exempt from taking STAT1201 (Analysis of Scientific Data) provided they take STAT2201 (Analysis of Engineering and Scientific Data) in their engineering degree.
  • BE/BSc students who take ENGG1400 (Statics and Dynamics) and ENGG1500 (Engineering Thermodynamics) are not required to take the physics pre-requisite PHYS1001 (Mechanics and Thermal Physics I). Enrolment in PHYS1001 as an engineering elective requires prior approval from the EAIT faculty.

Honours and Higher Degree Students

A Major in Mathematics, Physics or Statistics can lead onto entering the honours program (a further year of study) and/or higher degrees. Please contact the relevant Academic Advisor for more information on these programs.

Further Advice?

Academic Advisors are available to provide you with further assistance on any of the programs discussed above. Please contact the relevant advisor for more information.

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